No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 230

Giving it all we got this week, we bring you another hour of the greatest rocknroll on earth. Absolute greatness from Dayglo Abortions, The Zipheads, The Frogs, Bob Wayne, Hellbound Glory, Hi-Strung Ramblers and more.
Git It

Gone Mental Episode 230

Dayglo Abortions\Feed Us A Fetus\Wake Up America(Beer City Records)2001
The Zipheads\Prehistoric Beat\Revenge(Self Release)2013
Graveyard Johnnys\Dead Transmission\Because Of You(Bomber Music)2015
The Caravans\Saturday Nite’s Alright\Restless Heart(Crazy Love Records)1999
The Frogs\Inshallah\Bufotenin(Drunkabilly Records)2016
Carlos & The Bandidos\For A Few Dollars Less\Thinkin’ About You(Noose Records)1999
Hi-Strung Ramblers\Hobo Bop\If You Want My Love(Wild Records)2005
Tazmanian Devils\Evil Boppin’\Beware Of The Martians(Razmataz Records)2005
Elektraws\Shock Rock\Let’s Cry Out(Nervous Records)1996
The Boppin’ Gliesers\Gotta Have My Way\Believe Me Lil’ Woman(Viva Las Vegas)2012
The Monster Klub\The House Of Miracles\Baby’s Got A Battle Axe(Raucous Records)2013
Boogie Punkers\The Brooklyn Sessions\Corridor(El Beasto Recordings)2006
Corpse Show Creeps\Blackblood Call\One Nail(Hairball 8)2007
Bob Wayne\Till The Wheels Fall Off\Fuck The Law(People Like You)2012
Hellbound Glory\Old High And New Lows\Hank Williams Records(Rusty Knuckles)2010
Bible Belt Sinners\Devil Ridin’ Shotgun\Wrong Kinda Girl(Self Release)2011
Dayglo Abortions\Feed Us A Fetus\Ronald McRaygun(Beer City Records)2001

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