No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 231

The next newest one for your listening enjoyment. Pure greatness with The Monsters, The Magnetix, Milwaukee Wildmen, Chuck Berry, The Moonshine Stalkers and more.
Git It

Gone Mental Episode 231

The Monsters\M\Happy People Make Me Sick(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2016
The Magnetix\Rabbit The Robot, Robot The Rocket\Martian Fever(Crazy Love Records)2016
Mystery Gang\Jungle Fever\Little Schoolgirl Of Mine(Rhythm Bomb)2007
The Moggies\Squirrel Cereal Killer\Be My Girl(Self Release)2016
13 Mansion\Endless Murder\Satisfaction(Evil Box)2006
The Mummies\Never Been Caught\Justine(Telstar Records)2002
Chuck Berry\The Chess Box\Ain’t That Just Like A Woman(Chess)1988
Powersolo\Got A Sack O’ Dope Hidden In My Ass\Wow Wow Baby(Mastermind Records)2001
L’Assassins\L’Assassins\Black Book(Big Action Records)2012
The Violent Shifters\Wide Open Baby!!\Engine Horse(Self Release)2014
Milwaukee Wildmen\Bloodmoon Shadow\Dead Heros(Diablo Records)2016
The Hyperjax\March To Your Own Beat\Blast Me Into Outer Space(Lime Digital Music)2015
Graveyard Johnnys\Dead Transmission\For Tonight(Bomber Music)2015
The Moonshine Stalkers\Last Day on Earth\John Doe(Diablo Records)2016
The Doppelgängers\Bad, Bad Man\Partners In Crime(Diablo Records)2013
Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats\Train To Paradise\Train To Paradise(Self Release)2013
The Monsters\M\Dig My Hair(Voodoo Rhythm Records)201601

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