No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 237

Another hour of the good stuff with the greatest rocknroll on Earth from Mojo Nixon, Surf Rats, Hillbilly Hellcats, The Tremors, Three Bad Jacks and more
Git it

Gone Mental Episode 237

Mojo Nixon\Whereabouts Unknown\You Can’t Kill Me(Ripe Records)1995
The Termites\Overload\Home Sweet Home(Link Records)1990
Surf Rats\Trouble\So Long(Lost Moment Records)1988
Krewmen\Into The Tomb\Let Loose(Lost Moment Records)1987
Three Bad Jacks\Made Of Stone\Black Cadillac(Boston Krown Label)2000
Coffin Nails\Who’s He?\Unbalanced(Nervous Records)1990
Hillbilly Hellcats\Rev It Up With Taz\My Baby Moved(Rockin’ Cat Records)2003
Memphis Morticians\Play Primitive Trashman And 13 Other Lovesongs\Bury You Now, Dig You Later(Kaiser Records)2006
Go-Go Killers\Hallucinogenitalia\Haunted By Ghosts & Taunted By Demons(Self Release)2016
Cooterfinger\Smells Like Rock N’ Roll\Anita Is My Girlfriend(Illbilly Records)2002
The Monster Klub\Drink With The Devil\Toxic Boy(Raucous Records)2005
Bad Luck Gamblers\Casino Maldito\Drinking With The Devil\\2016
Reverend Horton Heat\Lucky 7\Galaxy 500(Artemis Records)2002
The Tremors\Old Fashioned Hillbilly Feud(Old Fashioned) Hillbilly Feud(Brain Drain Records)2014
Splatter\…From Hell To Eternity\Hard Rockin’ Daddy(Sector 2 Records)1994
The Violent Shifters\Twin Cities Rockabilly Presents…\Dead Lover(Twin Cities Rockabilly)2010
Mojo Nixon\Whereabouts Unknown\Tie My Pecker To My Leg(Ripe Records)1995

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