No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 238

More of the good stuff like we do. An hour of killer rocknroll from The Bullet Biters, The Mutilators, The Violent Shifters,The Matadors, Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men and more.

Git it

Gone Mental Episode 237

Ronnie Self\Bop-A-Lena\Bop-A-Lena(Bear Family)1990
Gorilla\Flamenco Death\Zombie Horse(Crazy Love Records)2003
The Bullet Biters\Demon Mind\Last Remains Of Brains(Self Release)2015
Boogie Punkers\The Brooklyn Sessions\I’m Not You(El Beasto Recordings)2006
The Mutilators\Hot Rod Whore!\Gear Down Big Shifter(Self Release)2003
The Monsters\Youth Against Nature\High Heels And Mini Skirt(Voodoo Rhythm)2003
The Violent Shifters\Wide Open Baby!!\Just Filth(Self Release)2014
The Doppelgangers\Bad, Bad Man\The Ghoul Goes West(Diablo Records)2013
Deadbillys\Genuine Hellstomper\Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man(Sumbitch Records)2002
Kathy X\Ready For Anything\Heartbreakin Days(Cosmic Records)2005
Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men\Voodoo\Mystery Man(Diablo Records)2017
The Kings Of Outer Space\Cosmic Debris\Dog Day Heat(Western Star Recording)2010
Henry & The Bleeders\Out Of Luck, Out Of Cash, Out On Bail\King Of The Binge Drinkers(Western Star Recordings)2009
The Matadors\Sweet Revenge\That Kinda Love(Stumble Records)2013
The Matadors\Say You Love Satan\Say You Love Satan(Self Release)2014
The Matadors\The Devil’s Music\Pink Lincoln(Stumble Records)2004
Billy Brown\That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 23 Columbia\Meet Me In The Alley, Sally(Bear Family)2007

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