No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 240

Doing it again another week. Bringing some brand new greatness from Batmobile’s much anticipated upcoming new one as well as more of the usual good stuff from Moonshine Stalkers, Mad Sin, Scott H Biram, Coffinshakers and more.
Git it

Gone Mental Episode 240

Batmobile\Brand New Blisters\Apeface(Butler Records)2017
The Moonshine Stalkers\Splatterhouse\Black Widow(Diablo Records)2015
Guana Batz\Can’t Take The Pressure\Take A Rocket(Takoma UK)2000
The Quakes\Quakes\Hangman’s Noose(Nervous Records)1988
Mad Sin\Survival Of The Sickest\Communication Breakdown(People Like You)2002
Gutter Demons\Room 209\Buried Alive(Pirates Records)2005
Krewmen\The Adventures Of The Krewmen\Bus Stop(Lost Moment Records)1986
Scott H. Biram\Something’s Wrong Lost Forever\Judgement Day(Bloodshot Records)2009
Scott H. Biram\Graveyard Shift\Reefer Load(Bloodshot Records)2006
Scott H. Biram\The Dirty Old One Man Band\Whiskey(Bloodshot Records)2005
Batmobile\Brand New Blisters\Fucked Up(Butler Records)2017
The Dukes Of Bordello\Lowdown ‘N’ Dirty\All In The Name Of Rock & Roll(Death Or Glory)2017
The Peacocks\Touch And Go\Sex And Drugs And Rocks Through Your Window(People Like You)2007
The Farrell Bros.\Dead End Boys\Burning Desire(Nervous Records)2006
Hotrod Hillbillies\You Wanna Race\Good Hearted Woman(Self Release)2010
Coffinshakers\We Are The Undead\You Don’t Know(Primitive Art Records)2000
Dr. Bizarro’s Victims\Demo\Wicked Game(Self Release)2011

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