No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 241

Doing it again, another hour of red hot rocknroll greatness.
Git it

Gone Mental Episode 241

The Meteors\Doing The Lord’s Work\My Life For Thee(People Like You Records)2012
Smell Of Kat\A Dream of One Thousand Katz\Close To Me(Just for Fun Productions)2015
Stormy Gayle\Nasty Rockabilly\Flipsville(B-Sharp)2011
Carlos & The Bandidos\A Fist Full Of Carlos\Gunfight With Cupid(Noose Records)2001
Milwaukee Wildmen\Bloodmoon Shadow\Dead Heros(Diablo Records)2016
The Hyperjax\March To Your Own Beat\Blast Me Into Outer Space(Lime Digital Music)2015
Graveyard Johnnys\Dead Transmission\For Tonight(Bomber Music)2015
Link Wray\Nasty Rockabilly\Ain’t That Loving You Baby(B-Sharp)2011
Steve Alaimo\Desperate Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol. 05\She’s My Baby(Flame)1988
The Husbands\Introducing The Sounds Of The Husbands\I’m Doing Fine(Swami Recordings)2003
The Grave Diggers\Move It!\Get Off My Back(Crypt Records)1989
Baby Doll\Desperate Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol. 03\Hammy In The Hole(Flame)1987
JD McPherson\Let the Good Times Roll\Mother of Lies(Rounder Records)2015
Delaney Davidson\Voodoo Rhythm Compilation Vol 4\Windy City(Voodoo Rhythm)2013
Southern Culture On The Skids\Girlfight\Whole Lotta Things(Sympathy for the Record Industry)1993
The Kings Of Outer Space\How To Fly A Rocket\Moon Buggy Baby(Western Star Recording)2013
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper\Root Hog Or Die\Louisiana Liplock(Enigma Records)1989

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