No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 251

More killer rocknroll this week as we do. One more hour of pure greatness from Southern Culture On The Skids, The Delta Bombers, L’Assassins, The Arkhams, Gutter Demons, Rip Carson and more.
Git it

Gone Mental Episode 251

Mojo Nixon & Jello Biafra\Prairie Home Invasion\Let’s Go Burn Ole Nashville Down(Alternative Tentacles)1994
Southern Culture On The Skids\Plastic Seat Sweat\Shotgun(Telstar Records)1997
The Delta Bombers\Howlin’\The Way You Love Me(Wild Records)2009
The Kokomo Kings\Too Good To Stay Away From\She’s Stealin’ Candy(Rhythm Bomb Records)2017
L’Assassins\Kil Kill Kill! Bang Bang Bang!\Skunk(Big Action Records)2014
Anna & The Psychomen\My Baby Needs To Rock’n’roll\Dressed In Black(P. Trash Records)2004
The ANONYMUS\Unreleased\Shake It!(Self Release)2009
The Hyperjax\March To Your Own Beat\City Of Broken Rain(Lime Digital Music)2015
Gunsmoke\Gunsmoke\Time With You(Self Release)2010
The Arkhams\Road To Arkham\3 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days(Self Release)2009
Gutter Demons\Unfinished Business\Gutter Kings(Falsetto Records)2015
Bang Bang Bazooka\True Rebel\Crime On Time(Count Orlok Music)1990
Batmobile\Amazons From Outer Space\Ravin’ Women(Count Orlok Music)1989
Lil Luis Y Los Wild Teens\Rip It Up!\Baby, Baby, Baby(Wild Records)2004
The Wise Guyz\Let’s Rock The Floor\What’s Wrong With Me(El Toro Records)2013
Mac Curtis\Good Rockin’ Tomorrow: Rockabilly Uprising\Rockabilly Uprising(Rollin’ Rock Records)1975
Rip Carson\My Simple Life\The Hate Inside Of Me(Golly Gee)2005

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