No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 254

Doing it again with another hour of only the best psychobilly rocknroll. Pure mental greatness from The Howling Wolfmen, Radiacs, The Nevrotix, The Rusty Robots, Archie, Degenerated and more.
Git it

Gone Mental Episode 254

Radiacs\Hellraiser\Please Give Me Something(Link Records)1989
The Howling Wolfmen\Asylum Rock\Hellstomp(Razmataz Records)2011
Boppin’ Kids\The Ultimate Worst Of 1985-1990\Feel So Lonely(Crazy Love Records)2009
The Nevrotix\Paranoid\Paranoid(Crazy Love Records)2016
The Deltas\Good Times\Milk & Honey(Diablo Records)2015
Degenerated\AARGH!\Take This Trip(Crazy Love Records)2014
The Nitros\Nightshades – Something’s Gotta Give\One For You(Cherry Red)2009
The Pharaohs\Blue Egyptian\Rehab(Diablo Records)2014
Powerdog\Powerdog\Hideaway(Count Orlok Music)1992
Archie\Listen To What Archie Sez\Steelcap Stomp(Kix 4 U Records)1986
The Boppin’ Gliesers\Gotta Have My Way\One Night Woman(Viva Las Vegas)2012
The Rusty Robots\Tighten Your Screws And Dance To\Go Psycho!(Razmataz Records)2016
Dypsomaniaxe\One Too Many\Demon Quiff(Tombstone Records)1992
Es-Feiv\Cows In Motion\Heart Breakin’ Days(Kix 4 U Records)1989
The Frogs\Inshallah\Mr. Snake(Drunkabilly Records)2016
The KDV Deviators\Lost Contact\Behind The Glass(Drunkabilly Records)2012
The Rusty Robots\Tighten Your Screws And Dance To\Wishing You’d Be Dead(Razmataz Records)2016

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