No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 255

Once again doing the only thing we do. Another hour of the greatest rocknroll on earth from The Tremors, Mad Sin, Spellbound, Deadbolt and more
Git it

Gone Mental Episode 255

Mojo Nixon\Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg\Beer Ain’t Drinkin'(Needletime)1997
Richie Valens\The Very Best Of…\Cry Cry Cry(Music Club)1995
The Meteors\Hymns For The Hellbound\Lie Down(People Like You)2007
P. Paul Fenech\Skitzofenech\Nick And The Preacher(People Like You)2008
The Tremors\The Scourge Of The South\Call To My Reward(Brain Drain Records)2004
Blue Demon\The High Falutin’\Can’t Tame Wild Women(Self Release)2009
Mad Sin\Burn & Rise\Cursed(People Like You)2010
The Charmin Bastards\Play With Fire\Hounted Saturday Night(G-Point Records)2006
Guana Batz\Can’t Take The Pressure\Can’t Take The Pressure(Takoma UK)2000
King Kurt\Big Cock\Road To Rack ‘n’ Ruin(Stiff Records)1986
The Violent Shifters\Twin Cities Rockabilly Presents…\Hot Rod Killing Machine(Twin Cities Rockabilly)2010
The Deltas\Boogie Disease\London Girls(Nervous Records)1981
The Milkshakes\Milkshakes In Germany\If I Get You(Wall City Records)1984
Spellbound\Legend Of The Past\Johnny Roy(Tombstone Records)2004
Celtic Bones\Punk ‘n’ Roll\Slipping Away(Diablo Records)2008
Rumble Club\Rumble Club Rides Tonight\My Hard Luck(Hairball 8)2005
Deadbolt\Shrunken Head\Hank Watson Stalks The Earth(Headhunter Records)1994
Deadbolt\Tijuana Hit Squad\The Day I Got My Spine Back(Headhunter Records)1996

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