No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 259

Doing it again like we do every week. More of the greatest rocknroll on earth from Hillbilly Casino, Hi-Strung Ramblers, Damage Done By Worms, Nekromatix, and more

Gone Mental Episode 259

Hi-Strung Ramblers\I’m A Rambler\You Don’t Love Me(Wild Records)2010
Capitao Fantasma\Hu Ua Ua\Os Mortos(Polydor)1992
Henry & The Bleeders\Toeing The Line\Public Enemy Number One(Western Star Recording)2013
Luna Vegas\Strange Men Weird Women\The Wood(Western Star Recordings)2008
Guitar Slingers\Carnevil Of Souls\Insaniac(Diablo Records)2015
Damage Done By Worms\Suicide City\Typical Rock’n’roll Brain Defect(Downer Records)1999
Nekromantix\Brought Back To Life\Driller Killer(Crazy Love Records)2005
Hillbilly Casino\Red, White & Bruised\She’s Got Tricks(Self Release)2017
The Tremors\The Scourge of the South\Manifestation(Brain Drain Records)2004
Hillbilly Casino\Red, White & Bruised\Jibber Jabber(Self Release)2017
The Vincent Razorbacks\The Vincent Razorbacks\Rocket From Japan(Raucous Records)2008
The Wolfgangs\Shout With The Devil\Psychobilly(Longneck Records)2011
Boogie Punkers\The Brooklyn Sessions\I’m Not You(El Beasto Recordings)2006
Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns\Bad Intentions\Early In The Morning(Burning Records)2009
Smell Of Kat\A Dream Of One Thousand Katz\The Man Who Cannot Die(Just for Fun Productions)2015
Calamitiez\Calamitiez\I Don’t Need You(Crazy Love Records)2006
The Waltons\Goin’ Rodeo\Mexico(Korea)1987

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