No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 260

Another hour of the good stuff with some brand new greatness from Surfin’ Wombatz as well as a whole pile of the best you can find from The Tremors, The Bone Machine, The Frogs, Mad Sin, The Rocketz and more
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 260

The Tremors\Invasion Of The Saucermen\The Crawdad Song(Brain Drain Records)2006
Capitao Fantasma\Hu Ua Ua\Speedy Gonzalez(Polydor)1992
The Bone Machine\Sottoterra\Ninna Nanna Dell’infame(Billy’s Bones Records)2010
The Legendary Shack Shakers\Cockadoodledon’t\Shake Your Hips(Bloodshot Records)2003
Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys\Burning Miles Of Sin\Bed Full Of Flames(Self Release)2005
The Frogs\Inshallah\Bicycle Thief(Drunkabilly Records)2016
The Peacocks\After All\You Don’t Always Want What You Get(People Like You)2010
Surfin’ Wombatz\Menagerie Of Abominations\Bald Billy Boogie(Western Star Records)2017
Spellbound\Stir It Up\Nightmares(Drunkabilly Records)2011
The Rusty Robots\Tighten Your Screws And Dance To\Crazy Spaceman(Razmataz Records)2016
The Doppelgangers\Bad, Bad Man\Sociopath Rock(Diablo Records)2013
Johnny Nightmare\Kicking Satan Out Of Hell\Chisel On Your Tombstone(Crazy Love Records)2011
Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats\Bad Moon Death Trip\Working Class Man’s Blues(Self Release)2011
Mad Sin\…Sweet & Innocent? …Loud & Dirty!\Scarred Ole Heart(Polygram Records)1998
Cracks\Psychotic Pride\No Way(Phalanx)2016
The Rocketz\We Are…\Dead Shall Dance(Self Release)2009
Mac Curtis \Rockabilly Uprising: The Best Of Mac Curtis\Sidething(HMG)1997
Carlos & The Bandidos\The Usual Bandidos\Jockey Full Of Bourbon(Part Records)2003

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