No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 262

Once again, here we go. Another hour of the good stuff featuring the best from Deadbolt, The Mutilators, Frantic Rockers, Go-Go Killers, L’Assassins and more
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 262

Deadbolt\Tiki Man\The Meat(Headhunter Records)1994
.357 String Band\Lightning From The North\Milwaukee, Here I Come(Pistols Beat Aces Music)2010
The Tombstones\Twang From The Grave\Preachin’, Playin’, Guitar Playin'(Saustex Media)2005
Aj Gaither Omb\Half-Lit & Whole-Hearted\Loose Your Number(Little Class Records)2012
The Mutilators\I’m Sooooo Psychobilly\Audiotrack 08(Self Release)2010
Splatter\…From Hell To Eternity\I’m Dropping Out(Sector 2 Records)1994
The Cripplers\One More For The Bad Guys\Working Man(Dionysus Records)2001
Frantic Rockers\Savage Beat\Hoodooman Blues(Rhythm Bomb Records)2014
Krewmen\The Adventures Of The Krewmen\Don’t Give A Toss(Lost Moment Records)1986
Henry & The Bleeders\Those Teenage Bleeders\Wrong Side Of The Tracks(Ambassador)2007
Go-Go Killers\Hallucinogenitalia\Birthday Cake(Self Release)2016
L’Assassins\Kil Kill Kill! Bang Bang Bang!\Want You(Big Action Records)2014
The Cramps\Flamejob\Inside Out And Upside Down (With You)(Creation Records)1994
Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys\Storming The Gates\Self Induced(Self Release)2007
Lonesome Kings\Legendary Suffering\Who’s Your Daddy(Kaiser Records)2006
Cracks\Psychotic Pride\Rock ‘n’ Roll(Phalanx)2016
Mojo Nixon & Jello Biafra\Prairie Home Invasion\Nostalgia For An Age That Never Existed(Alternative Tentacles)1994

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