No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 265

Doing it again with the greatest rocknroll on earth. Pure greatness from The Nevrotix, Tabaltix, The Cramps, The Blasters, Go Go Killers, and more.
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 265

Es-Feiv\Cows In Motion\Gimme Your Love(Kix4U Records)1989
The Humanoids\The Humanoids\What the Hell(Self Release)2012
The Nevrotix\Paranoid\Queen Of The Night(Crazy Love Records)2016
The Tazmanian Devils\Rhythm ‘N’ Psycho Jamboree\Coffee Cup Man(Razmataz Records)2009
Tabaltix\Sex, Pugs And Rock n’ Roll\Jerkin Back And 4th(Crazy Love Records)2007
Batmobile\Amazons From Outer Space\Gorilla Beat(Count Orlok Music)1989
The Blasters\Testament: The Complete Slash Recordings\Marie Marie(Warner Bros.)2002
The Ricochets\On Target\Migraine(Count Orlok Music)1992
Skitzo\The Glove\The Glove(Fury Records)1995
The Charmin Bastards\Play With Fire\Die As A Rebel(G-Point Records)2006
The Cramps\Off The Bone\The Way I Walk(I.R.S. Records)1983
The Hillmans\Barn Dance Music For Plumbers\Lazy Bones(Self Release)2012
Go Go Killers\Hallucinogenitalia\How Do You Voodoo?(Self Release)2017
Hudson Falcons\For Those Whose Hearts And Souls Are True\Open All Night(GMM Records)2001
The Goddamn Gallows\Ghost Of The Rails\Ticket To Bleed(Farmageddon Recrods)2010
The Meteors\Hell Train Rollin\Down And Dirty(People Like You)2009
Johnson Family\No Forwading Address\The Fire In My Belly(Cherry Red)2008

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