No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 266

Once again, here we go. Bringing another hour of the good stuff with pure greatness from Screamers & Sinners, Skitzo, The Rattlers, Long Tall Texans, Radarmen and more
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 266

Screamers And Sinners\The Revenge Of… “El Sacamantecas”\Six Feet(Drunkabilly Records)2017
Skitzo\Vertigo\He Said She Said(Nervous Records)2003
The Rattlers\Never Say Die\Never Catch Me Again(Nervous Records)1989
The Nitros\Nightshades – Something’s Gotta Give\Love ’em ‘n’ Leave ’em(Cherry Red)2009
The Highliners\Action Man\Chocolate Fags(Diablo Records)2017
Guitar Slingers\Carnevil Of Souls\Radiation Rock(Diablo Records)2015
The Moonshine Stalkers\Splatterhouse\Snatched(Diablo Records)2015
Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers\Psychopaths From Outer Space\Hair Of The Dog(Self Release)2010
Kings Of Nuthin’\Get Busy Livin’ Or Get Busy Dyin’\Get Busy Livin’ Or Get Busy Dyin'(Crazy Love Records)2001
Screamers And Sinners\The Revenge Of… “El Sacamantecas”\Horror Ladies(Drunkabilly Records)2017
Mad Sin\Burn & Rise\9 Lives(People Like You)2010
Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys\Storming The Gates\King Sick A Billy (Demo)(Self Release)2007
The Legendary Shack Shakers\Cockadoodledon’t\CB Song(Bloodshot Records)2003
Long Tall Texans\Headless\Headless(Western Star Recordings)2017
Radarmen\Radarmen\Cosmic Kidnapping(Killjoy Records)2017
Screaming Kids\Hasta Luego Mi Amor\Le Bruit Des Anges(Crazy Love Records)2017
Screamers And Sinners\Demon Tales\Hot Wheels(Self Release)2015

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