No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 271

Oops, forgot to post this up last week. Better late than never right?
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 271

The Cramps\A Date With Elvis\What’s Inside A Girl?(Vengeance Records)1986
Voodoo Zombie\Voodoo Zombie\Manicomio(Crazy Love Records)2008
The Kings Of Outer Space\Cosmic Debris\Dog Day Heat(Western Star Recording)2010
The Highliners\Action Man\Frank The Quiff(Diablo Records)2017
Skitzo\Love ‘n’ Hate\A Time To Kill(Diablo Records)2013
Kathy X\Ready For Anything\Flame(Cosmic Records)2005
Dicemen\A Thing Called Rock N Roll\A Thing Called Rock ‘n’ Roll(Suburban Records)2004
The Frogs\Witch!\Old Nick’s Wine(Razmataz Records)2012
The Nevrotix\Paranoid\Mad About You(Crazy Love Records)2016
The Rusty Robots\Tighten Your Screws And Dance To\Spiders In My Bed(Razmataz Records)2016
Coffin Nails\Ein Bier Bitte\House On The Haunted Hill(Nervous Records)1987
Starlite Wranglers\Devil’s Wheels\Alcohol King(Crazy Love Records)2004
The Spectres\The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown!\Scratchin’ (At My Coffin Lid)(Crazy Love Records)2003
Nekromantix\A Symphony Of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes\Creeping It Real(Hellcat Records)2016
The Mutilators\She Put Baby In The Microwave!\I Fucked A Zombie(Self Release)2009
Memphis Morticians\Play Primitive Trashman And 13 Other Lovesongs\Donner Party Boogie(Kaiser Records)2006
Southern Culture On The Skids\Ditch Diggin’\Put Your Teeth Up On The Window Sill(Safe House)1994

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