No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 273

Doing it again this week with a brand new record from Spellbound. That and more greatness from The Monsters, Es-Feiv, The Husbands, Link Wray, Hank Robot and more.
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 273

Spellbound\New Blood\Smash It Up(Self Release)2017
The Monsters\The Hunch\Drug Train(Voodoo Rhythm Records)1991
Sour Mash Kats\Psycho In The Street Vol. 1\My Baby’s Got The Flesh Eatin’ Bacteria(Vicious Mistress Records)2014
Memphis Morticians\Play Primitive Trashman And 13 Other Lovesongs\Donner Party Boogie(Kaiser Records)2006
The Vincent Razorbacks\Vol. 13\Psychosonic Girl(Raucous Records)2009
Es-Feiv\Cows In Motion\Cows In Motion(Kix 4 U Records)1989
Rochee And The Sarnos\Understanding Sarno\Crazy Sarno(Nervous Records)1985
The Husbands\Introducing The Sounds Of The Husbands\Orphan Boy(Swami Records)2003
Link Wray\Rumble! The Best Of Link Wray\The Black Widow(Rhino Records)1993
The Toxenes\Electric Shock\Dirty Fingers(Self Release)2017
L’Assassins\Kil Kill Kill! Bang Bang Bang!\Kill Kill(Big Action Records)2014
The Damned Crows\Unholy Gospel\Dark Waters(Self Release)2014
Kryptonix\L’appel Du Sang\Betty Boo(Crazy Love Records)1997
Hank Robot & The Ethnics\Elvis-Jello Mojo\Switchblade(Moody Monkey Records)2016
Splatter\…From Hell To Eternity\Bad Movie(Sector 2 Records)1994
Bloodshot Bill & Shannon Shaw\Honey Time EP\Honey Time(Slovenly Records)2016
Spellbound\New Blood\Sometimes(Self Release)2017

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