No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 276

Counting down our favorite releases of 2017 on the last show of the year. Blistering hot greatness from Spellbound, The Peacocks, Adios Pantalones, Hillbilly Casino, The Toxenes, Legendary Shack Shakers, and Screamers & Sinners.
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 276

Spellbound\New Blood\Take The Money (And Run)(Self Release)2017
The Peacocks\Flamingo\Black Void(Concrete Jungle Records)2017
The Peacocks\Flamingo\I’ve Had Enough(Concrete Jungle Records)2017
The Peacocks\Flamingo\Why Can’t I Just Look the Other Way?(Concrete Jungle Records)2017
Adios Pantalones\Playtime!\Setting Sail(Drunkabilly Records)2017
Adios Pantalones\Playtime!\Trashbeat(Drunkabilly Records)2017
Adios Pantalones\Playtime!\Pink Buffalo(Drunkabilly Records)2017
Hillbilly Casino\Red, White & Bruised\How Do You Think(Self Release)2017
Hillbilly Casino\Red, White & Bruised\She’s Got Tricks(Self Release)2017
Hillbilly Casino\Red, White & Bruised\Dog On A Chain(Self Release)2017
The Toxenes\Electric Shock\Bad Girls(Self Release)2017
The Toxenes\Electric Shock\Gold(Self Release)2017
The Toxenes\Electric Shock\He’s Something Else(Self Release)2017
The Legendary Shack Shakers\After You’ve Gone\After You’ve Gone(Last Chance Records)2017
The Legendary Shack Shakers\After You’ve Gone\Single Boy(Last Chance Records)2017
The Legendary Shack Shakers\After You’ve Gone\Branding Iron(Last Chance Records)2017
Screamers And Sinners\The Revenge Of… “El Sacamantecas”\Ospitaleko Rokanrola(Drunkabilly Records)2017

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