No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 277

Starting off the new year right with another hour of the good stuff. We played a couple killer tracks off of the new Nevrotix album plus some greatness from Memphis Morticians, The Untamed, Mad Dog Cole, Rip Carson, The Deltas and more.
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 277

Memphis Morticians\Dial ‘M’ For Mortician\Spook Factor(Trash Wax)2017
The Nevrotix\Alive\The Hatching(Crazy Love Records)2018
The Untamed\Strange Unknown\Villagers With Torches(Heptown Records)2005
Skitzo\Terminal Damage\Victim(Nervous Records)1988
Mad Dog Cole\Kingdom Of The Scarecrow\Bullet Holes(Western Star Records)2015
The Cenobites\Punkabilly Shakes The World\Don’t Talk To Me(Rude Runner)2012
Los Gatos Locos\Even Sociopaths Get The Blues\Psychobilly(Zodiac Killer)2011
The Stringbeans\Single\Tarzan(Woo-Hoo Records)2011
The Moonshine Stalkers\Snatched\Snatched(Diablo Records)2015
Rip Carson & The Twilight Trio\Savage American Rock\2 Timin’ Woman(Rollin’ Rock Records)1999
Bobby Nelson Quartet\Nasty Rockabilly\There Ain’t Nothing True About You(B-Sharp)2011
The Meteors\The Lost Album\You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down(Raucous Records)2004
Ross Kleiner & The Thrill\You Don’t Move Me\Without You(Self Release)2013
The Magnetix\Boo-Bop-A-Boo\Caveman Beat(Crazy Love Records)2011
The Rusty Robots\We Are\Wooden Leg(Razmataz Records)2012
The Deltas\Good Times\Aligator Wine(Diablo Records)2015
The Nevrotix\Alive\No Name(Crazy Love Records)2018

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