No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 234

This week we had a couple friends from out of town visit the basement. We all drank too much and shit got sloppy. Still plenty of killer rocknroll to be had.
Git It

Gone Mental Episode 234

Kings Of Nuthin’\Old Habits Die Hard\Same Situation(People Like You)2010
Peter & The Test Tube Babies\Alien Pubduction\Twenty Years(Pub City Royal)1998
Ross Kleiner & The Thrill\You Don’t Move Me\You Don’t Move Me(Self Release)2013
The Del Moroccos\Blue Black Hair\Baby Doll(Hi-Style Records)2008
Faraway Boys\Pirate Ship Set Sail\Doing Time In Hell(Self Release)2008
Corpse Show Creeps\Blackblood Call\Werewolves(Hairball 8)2007
Robin\My Way\Red Hot(Big Rumble Productions)2002
The Briefs\Off The Charts\We Americans(Dirtnap Records)2003
The Adicts\Songs Of Praise\Songs Of Praise(Fallout Records)1981
The Dickies\Dawn Of The Dickies(I’m Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota(A&M Records)1979
Krewmen\The Adventures Of The Krewmen\Don’t Give A Toss(Lost Moment Records)1986
Spellbound\Legend Of The Past\Spellbound(Tombstone Records)2004
The Magnetix\With Their Amazing First Album!\Gone Gone Crazy(Crazy Love Records)2011
Nekromantix\A Symphony Of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes\Creeping It Real(Hellcat Records)2016
The Monster Klub\The House Of Miracles\The House Of Miracles(Raucous Records)2013
Milwaukee Wildmen\Bloodmoon Shadow\Die Alone(Diablo Records)2016
Fear\The Record\Fuck Christmas(Slash Records)1982

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