No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 252

This week we got to debut some brand new tracks from the upcoming full length from The Toxenes. Check out 3 blistering tracks from that killer release as well as more of the usual greatness from The Matadors, The Nitros, Coffin Nails, The Quakes and more.
Git it

Grab the new album from The Toxenes here:

Gone Mental Episode 252

The Toxenes\Electric Shock\Electric Shock(Self Release)2017
Lee Rocker\Racin’ The Devil\Say When(Alligator Records)2006
The Matadors\Say You Love Satan\They Came In The Night(Self Release)2014
The Big Red Rocket\The Big Red Rocket\I Wanna Get Smashed(Diablo Records)2017
The Scallywags\3 Of A Kind …Speed On 45\My Home Is My Castle(Crazy Love Germany)2003
The Nitros\Nightshades – Something’s Gotta Give\I Won’t Worry Anymore(Cherry Red)2009
Screaming Kids\Don’t Get Down\Suck My Poison(Nervous Records)1990
The Toxenes\Electric Shock\Five Ton Bricks(Self Release)2017
The Blue Flames\Drivin’ And Dyin’ In Texas\Bad Li’l Girl(Voodoo Valley)2003
Cooterfinger\Smells Like Rock N’ Roll\All Over But The Cryin'(Illbilly Records)2002
Nekromantix\Return Of The Loving Dead\Nekronauts(Hellcat Records)2002
Coffin Nails\The Dead Don’t Get Older\Sounds Of The Underworld(Greystone Records)2014
Surfin’ Wombatz\Lager Loutz\Take The Money And Run(Nervous Records)1989
The Wigsville Spliffs\The Wigsville Spliffs\It Ain’t Easy(Raucous Records)1996
Boppin’ Kids\The Ultimate Worst Of 1985-1990\Don’t You Make Me Cry(Crazy Love Records)2009
The Quakes\Negative Charge\Seven Seas Alone(Orrexx Records)2009
The Toxenes\Electric Shock\He’s Something Else(Self Release)2017

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