No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 253

Git it

Gone Mental Episode 253

Gutter Demons\Room 209\Run Away Loco(Pirates Records)2005
Go-Go Killers\Hallucinogenitalia\You Look Like You Need To Screw Pt 2(Self Release)2016
Dexter Romweber\Blues That Defy My Soul\Monster Blues(Yep Rock Records)2004
Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats\Train To Paradise\Train To Paradise(Self Release)2013
Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers\Return Of The Doppelgangers\Deviant(Self Release)2011
The Cramps\Flamejob\Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs(Creation Records)1994
The Toxenes\Electric Shock\Bad Girls(Self Release)2017
Gutter Demons\Room 209\Children Of The Damned(Pirates Records)2005
The Zipheads\Z2:Rampage!\No 2 Ways About It(Bomber Music)2016
The Termites\Overload\Who’s That Chick(Link Records)1990
Damage Done By Worms\Psycurity Inc.\Your Way(Damage Records)2015
Memphis Morticians\1,000,000 Delinquents\Trash Devil Rock(Space Hearse Records)2009
The Meteors\Demonopoly\Big Sandy(Sonovabitch Records)1992
The Peacocks\Don’t Ask\What I Want(People Like You)2012
The Tony Montanas\Destination Hell\Eat You Alive(Crazy Love Records)2005
Mad Trucker Gone Mad\Mad Trucker Gone Mad\Hometown Girls(Crustacean Records)1997
Gutter Demons\Unfinished Business\Gutter Kings(Falsetto Records)2015

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