No Nostalgia, Just Mental

Episode 269

More of the good stuff once again with the greatest rocknroll on earth from The Epileptic Hillbillys, Batmobile, Spellbound, Frantic Rockers, Hillbilly Casino and more
Git it.

Gone Mental Episode 269

The Epileptic Hillbillys\Take 2\Silly Games(Western Star Recordings)2014
The Scallywags\3 Of A Kind …Speed On 45\Let’s Break The Law(Crazy Love Germany)2003
Batmobile\Brand New Blisters\Apeface(Butler Records)2017
The Cramps\Big Beat From Badsville\Queen Of Pain(Epitaph)1997
Spellbound\Write My Name On The Wall\Smash It Up!(Diablo Records)2016
Surf Rats\Welcome To Killafornya\Juiced Up(Hi Spec)2009
Bang Bang Bazooka\True Rebel\Frankenstein Rock(Count Orlok Music)1990
Frantic Rockers\Savage Beat\Rumors(Rhythm Bomb Records)2014
The Delta Bombers\Wolf\Baby You’re Mine(Wild Records)2012
Hotrod Hillbillies\You Wanna Race\Good, Bad, Ugly(Self Release)2010
Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers\Hold On It’s The…\Hold On Here I Come(Kizmiaz Records)2009
Slapbacks\Net Wt. 2.5 Oz.\Tell Me What’s Wrong With Me(Part Records)2003
Imelda May\Love Tattoo\Johny Got A Boom Boom(Universal Music)2007
Hillbilly Casino\Sucker Punched\Devil Comes To Town(Self Release)2007
Henry & The Bleeders\Out Of Luck, Out Of Cash, Out On Bail\Drinkin’ Gin(Western Star Recordings)2009
Guitar Slingers\Adios Amigo\Guitar Slingin’ S.O.B(Diablo Records)2014
NOFX\Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing\Seeing Double At The Triple Rock(Fat Wreck Chords)2006

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